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I did this website when, around 2013, I considered selling the property, mainly due to family related reasons at the time. But now, since quite a while, I am happy to have it and live here year-round. I kept the page so that a have a medium to share some pictures I take, on and off.

Peer Voss



San Eugenio was one of the first major estancias founded in the Casupá / Arroyo de Milan Region, Department of Florida, Uruguay in the 1880s by Don Eugenio Barragan, at that time exceeding 5000 hectare. It changed hands not too many times since then, belonging to the Caravia family after the 1920s, the Sacco in the 1950-80s, later on the Bartesaghis until 2004.
San Eugenio has allwas mainly been a cattle ranch, with some grain farming being done in the 1960-90s.
It now consists of a small fraction of its original size

Arte y Diseno
AyD, an Uruguayan architecture and design magazine, ran a photo feature on San Eugenio in its March 2014 issue

brand San Eugenio


video of the casco and surroundings

video of the restauration

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here some Uruguay photos ,and some impressions of summer and winter

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historic Estancia

historic Estancia San Eugenio Casupa

spanish colonial style living

Estancia guest room w fireplace



pasture lands, mansion

mirador bedroom

courtyard cistern cattle


lakeside Estancia San Eugenio

pampas grass and barn

moha grass
moha grass planted and made to hay bales (above and below)

moha hay baled

dusk pampa Uruguay

horse riding forest uruguay
3 hectare eucalyptus forest




terrace of Estancia
mirador/tower bedroom's terrace

Uruguay milan creek flooding
flood plains of the Milan creek water covered

Estancia from rear

Uruguay farmland



estancia and horseman Uruguay ...... estancia patio and pampa